Are You an Enthusiastic and
Action-Oriented Woman Entrepreneur?

YOU ARE… Building a business based on your passion and life purpose.

YOU WANT… To build wealth, enjoy the lifestyle of your dreams and make a difference in your community and the world.


Yet, You Are Secretly Struggling Because…


  • You are drowning in information overwhelm: too many strategies, too many tools, too much technology and too many “business gurus” telling you what to do.
  • You don’t want a J-O-B, but being an entrepreneur sometimes makes you feel lonely, isolated, and misunderstood.
  • You are exhausted with muddling through countless blogs, free “content,” and business magazines that are dry, technical, masculine, and boring.
  • You want inspiration, education & support that keeps you moving powerfully forward towards your ideal business and life.
  • You are working hard and feel like there’s a big burden on your shoulders.
  • You are putting long hours into your business but not getting the results you want & deserve.
  • You want to save precious time, energy, and money and are ready to get the best business building strategies delivered directly to your email in-box.
  • You support the conservation of our Earth and love the idea of a “green” digital magazine.


Reader Love!



Lucy Hoger



“I am so excited to finally find a magazine that’s truly written for women in business. it’s all inclusive – for women at every level of business. It has the powerful combination of beauty and brains. In a single word, Transforming. A must read for any women that wants to be more savvy in business and life.”

~Tari Bussard


“Savvy Biz Women Magazine has amazing articles for and about women. It is such a pleasure to read! What great information from such inspirational women who are so honest about how they actually achieved their success. My favorite was the Melanie Duncan issue where she teaches us the power of pinning and using Pinterest to grow your business. Savvy Biz Women is far ahead of any other business magazine I have read because it really speaks to what women want. Thank you for such a great magazine for entrepreneurial woman!”

~Julie Walker

“I just got my subscription to Savvy Biz Women Magazine and as a sassy mom and entrepreneur with a flair for communication I confess I’m already in love! The sexy style is so friendly and easy to read. And the content…WOW! You have outdone yourselves! I recommend that every serious female business owner (and smart guys) gets a subscription STAT!”

~Lorri Morgan-Ferrero



It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way.
Come Join Us!

We Are the ONLY Digital Business & Lifestyle Magazine for Women That…

  • Empowers you with powerful business tools & strategies broken down into simple action steps by renowned experts.
  • Connects you to real multi-millionaire women entrepreneurs who pull back the curtain and reveal the secrets to their success.
  • Serves you in each aspect of your life with articles on health, beauty, inspirational books, relationships, fashion, and stunning travel destinations.
  • Resonates with you as a super special woman in business so that you feel supported, motivated, relaxed, and enthusiastic on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • Supports you with a community of unstoppable women who share the same entrepreneurial spirit and are on the same journey as you!




“I love Savvy Biz Women Magazine! Even though it’s for women, there’s so much useful business content that I think men would love it too. It’s wonderful to see such diversity, teaching and wisdom being shared so freely. Thank you to the Publisher & the article authors!”

~Roberta Eastman





“I stumbled on Savvy Business Women Magazine on a lazy Saturday while browsing the app store. I had just recently started my business and was looking for material that was tailored to women and business. Voila- Savvy Business Women! I initially downloaded a sample, but within hours I found myself purchasing six editions of the magazine. It is so good to find all the issues important to women ( amily, health, relationships, business, travel etc.) discussed in one magazine. Kudos to the team, keep up the good work; you never know whose life you will impact by what you do.”

Marieanne Atim
Lagos, Nigeria



Ready to be Entertained, Inspired, Educated, & Supported?

Yes, You Are and You Deserve It!

Imagine getting access to millionaire women business owners and world renowned experts in the fields of business, sales, technology, mindset, and much more all from the comfort of your couch! So put your legs up, get cozy, and take in the best strategies broken down into simple action steps that will help you create the business and lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of!


And the Best Part of It?


It’s All for Less Than the Cost of 1 Starbucks Tall Latte Each Month!



Sometimes, it is just one shift, one light bulb moment that can transform your entire life and business. Become a beloved subscriber and see what unfolds for you!



Here’s What You Get as a VIP Subscriber:

  • A new issue of Savvy Biz Women Magazine every other month for a total of 8 issues for the year.
  • Instant access to the Savvy Biz Women Magazine Archive (excludes Apple Newsstand Subscribers).
    All of our past magazine issues are included in the price of your subscription!
  • Insider access to resources, support, and surprises to keep you passionately moving towards your dream business & life.


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Reader Love from the Apple Newsstand
Feminine Diversity

“Thank you Savvy Biz Women magazine for showing the business backgrounds of a variety of dynamic women. We all have a story to tell on how we came to build our lifestyle businesses. Love the spirit of Entrefeminism and celebrating the genius in every woman. Savvy Biz Women magazine is a great resource for best practices in today’s ever changing market place. It’s refreshing to find a business magazine that is so useful and a pleasure to read. Love your work!”

Thrilled 1

A+ Subscription

“A business subscription worth having. It is refreshing to find a magazine that is really for women in business. Great Articles with quality content. I am going to share this with my team and fellow women professionals in my networking group.”

Notable Networker

Highly Recommended

"As a woman who has been independent for over 5 years, I have learned a lot about how to achieve success with this magazine. I highly recommend it!"

Erika Bush

Love it!

"I love the articles on success, but I also really appreciate the articles on fitness and beauty. This magazine has everything I was looking for!"


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"I love reading the interviews with successful women. They give great tips and it really motivates me to succeed!"


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"One of the best magazines for women. If you’re a female entrepreneur, you should definitely pick this one up. You won’t regret it!"